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Abundance of System Ram. What to do with it?


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4x32GB DDR4 3200Mhz ECC

20+16GB 1333/1866 ECC 

200+GB DDR4 sodimm unbuffered


Anything interesting I can use these for? Looked to see if I could build a RAMdisk but that seems to have gone extinct with DDR2


Honestly if I were better at electrical engineering / PCB related stuff what I would love to build would be the following. 


A USB4 enclosure that can house an NVME drive that would clone to a 128GB RAMdisk that then reports (and behaves) as a (bootable) Mass Storage Device to a PC. My work does a lot of Windows deployment type stuff so it would interesting (to me, at least) to see how long a deployment would take when the PC and its own storage are the only limiting factors.


The NVME holds the data that we want to deploy (non-volatile) and clones to the RAMdisk (volatile), Naturally would need its own power source as well.


I dunno, I just have an abundance of random stuff and am trying to think of an interesting use case for it.


You guys got any ideas? 

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2 hours ago, Etern4l said:

Just to mention the obvious: the OS will automatically use all of it for disk caching, so any filesystem-heavy use case automatically benefits.

My daily driver system only has 2x dimm slots and sadly my cpu doesn't support ecc ram. I don't have any system that I am aware of that I can install them to. Used to have a 5820x precision but I gave it away 

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honestly their is not much you can do with them, either save them for a future build or a ram disk, ram isn't really useful for much else they are not as robust as ssds. you could sell!!


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