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Well here i am one year later with my beautiful overheating laptop lol

About a year ago i bought my sager p650hs new (old stock) from the day i received it had an overheating issue i changed the thermal paste to arctic mx-4 and my highest temps were around 85c while on max load (before the thermal paste it would go as high as 110c) i got a aluminium laptop stand and stuck 2 noctua fans under it, that took the highest temps to around 75-80c anyways my issue now and was always that the cpu would be doing absolutely nothing at 25% utilization while at 3.56ghz keeping in mind my i7 7820hk has a base clock of 2.9ghz and im not overlooking in the slightest 

I have to go to clevo control center and go on power saving mode to let the cpu go down to acceptable clock speeds average 90-1.10ghz while same utilisation that also drops the temps to idle at 40-45c instead of now idling at 75c at performance settings lol it could go up to 100c when opening around 100 chrome tabs (dont ask why i got that many running) while doing some work stuff on excel,word, tinkercad in the background and protus running with abunch of stuff downloading maybe with the cpu utilisation at around 50% maybe abit higher

While also slowing down the laptop a fair bit

My question is what can i do about this?

Can i undervolt? And if so how could i do it


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