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Trying to decide on what upgrades: M18x R2 (2012)

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My kid convinced me he needed my M18x R2, which forced my hand of course, to buy (at the time) one of the newest/best Alienware's available at the time x17R1 (they didnt have an 18 back then), with i9-11980hk, Windows 11 Home, 3080 RTX, 512 m.2 nvme (but upgraded to Raid 1 (4GBx2)), 32GB ddr4 xmp 3466mhz.


BUT and I hate to admit this, when my kid plays his Fortnite on his M18x R2, its grainy and slow, and even my machine above (which is why I shared the details) doesnt 'scream' but absolutely blows my kids away.  So he knows the difference and has asked if I can do anything to help upgrade his m18x r2 (he has 680m sli, and the 3940 extreme (I upgraded years ago), and 32GB 1600mhz (oem).  IT comes with a 330w power supply oem.


I am thinking of either getting a P5000 (for about $375 delivered), or a p4000 (for about $135) or 1070 (for about $200).  What's the consensus now whats the best bang for the buck, with some consideration given that spending a little more now, keeps it going for another year or two longer (performance wise), over a more cost effective solution.  Should I upgrade the speed of his ram, or no?


Plus since he HAD sli, and now thats going to go away, why not throw this in too (I like that its easier to order on ebay, but should I consider something else) ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/115721649550?itmmeta=01HZWHS29EFGFEY1KV1E6SBMGT&hash=item1af18c3d8e:g:xu4AAOSwjBNkAiet&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAA4IKsxny6lxjdmYTiXTzpe6DcrgiuE1ud%2BDW2cG560fIO3fKqaI9xR%2Fxq00MgSabFBfifNvS23NXucJhIC923TW%2BjGL%2FyYPYHuHqigQDSOFoD5cpk2IhEwWarO4K9esSy4GmCBQjMkFw1CAiFil9TvubNlF8yq1gNeIp2030crOxLKyc8NVh2iV6kLLrMQlxf5a9hEBYgZTZv5SRkQUNWR2T9Y0l71rn5bAD4MvIoXT9PUQZAhZLkWvo8Z71VbygaXY5CNpnbM%2Bo%2FBkkLp6BsOsWiZyoNxbhQYc3x5bBWWELo|tkp%3ABFBM9KTkkf9j  


Appreciate the guidance!

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I just replied to your PM. 


But for anyone else who wants to me brought up to speed. 


I recommended RTX series GPU for max performance or P5000/P4000. 


He already has 3940XM CPU so CPU is good to go. 


I recommended 32GB 2133Mhz RAM because it benefits Optimus having higher RAM speed. 


He mentioned MXM to NVMe adapter which for the right price is worth it especially if you want to future proof the system. 


Also recommended Wi-Fi 6E Mini PCIe card.


I think that covers most of the upgrades aside from updating the BIOS to the latest custom one. 

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