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Thanks for having me folks -Reciever

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Hello everyone, thought I'd get the ball rolling here. 


My name is Chris, I go by the handle of Reciever or TheReciever. The handle is from the book called "The Giver", while the book was ok and movie, worse, I did like the idea of books title system and I also wanted a little something to remind me that I will always have something to learn. I learned quite a bit at OCN, but for reasons that escape me they were rather (and I dont like using this term anymore) bigoted towards the capabilities and potential laptops can provide with the right tools, knowledge and courage to follow them through. 


NotebookReview ended up being my home not long after 11,000 posts at OCN even when I went back to building desktops I stuck around, NBR was good company. 


Moved to Texas in '08 to find work, worked in retail until I decided it was not for me, got a dozen IT certs and got into IT. Not a fan of IT world either right now I serve a number of clients in Texas and might be looking to get into Linux as a principle. Havent made it there yet but well on my way to finally taking the plunge.

Here's to many more posts, and if were lucky, a few shakeups along the way for the better.


Here's to NBT, Cheers



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Your post made me think back of how I got my handle "cucubits". It's a cool story with roots in a more shady area of the internet.


It started many years ago when I was still living back in my home country (Romania). Wherever I could, I would use the handle "cucu" which comes from the sound the bird from the cuckoo clock makes. The idea started from a hilarious TV commercial where a dude in an apartment building would open and close the window (back there windows open towards the outside, not sliding like in the US) and would scream out of the top of his lungs like the bird mentioned. I'll try to find the commercial, must be on youtube.


All was good for a while but more and more sites where I signed up, already had "cucu" in use so with sort of a spur of the moment decision, I added "bits" to it. This is from the more shady part I mentioned. In that period, in Romania, a AAA game would cost even up to 25% of one months salary. There was no way to afford this so everyone was torrenting. My go-to site (long gone now) had "torrentbits" in the name.

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