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NotebookTalk.net transfer & other things


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As I'm sure many of you have noticed notebooktalk.net wasn't directed to the new server. I'm currently working on this and should be resolved as soon as the new server gets propagated.


With this in mind I'll have to shut down the forum (efgxt.net), transfer the database to the new server, enable notebooktalk.net as the new main domain, and redirect efgxt.net to notebooktalk.net. I'm planning on doing this once DNS is fully propagated (usually 24-72 hrs from this post) and I will give a 12-24 hour announcement on efgxt.net before this happens. This will most likely going to go through on Saturday the 26th after 8 MDT.


This also leads me to say sorry about the lack of communication on my part, though@Recieverhas been filling in some of the gaps. I've been quite busy with work, I've taken on a new role with a ton on my plate. I've finally caught up with work and will be making more changes and improvements once the website is fully transitioned to the new domain.

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The transfer from efgxt.net to NotebookTalk.net has concluded.


ALL links and bookmarks that previously had efgxt.net will correctly redirect to notebooktalk.net.


If there are any issues please let one of the admins know.

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