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Image quality and member storage limits

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I hear image quality settings have been quite a pain for many when uploaded, this was due to large dimension images being resized to 1200 x 1200 while keeping the same image dimension ratios. This primarily affected full desktop screenshots with text being blurry, unreadable, and quite frankly disgusting...which is not acceptable for something I admin! 😉


To remedy this, I've changed the image dimensions to unlimited as a trial period for all members while I monitor the impact on the server. I don't expect this to be much of an issue at our current size, however high quality image files may need to be limited in the future. Maybe something like 16:9 ratio (1920x1080) instead of 1:1 as before.


All members have a storage limit of 50mb total for the time being, I'm working on setting up donations to allow for much larger storage limits amongst other things. I've also removed the "maximum storage per submission" setting which previously constrained users to something like 5mb per post.


Please feel free to create a topic under https://notebooktalk.net/forum/114-internal-announcement-discussion/ if needed!

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