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EVGA X299 Dark, Intel i9 7960X combo

Rage Set

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Price: 900 (Willing to look at offers but lowballs will be ignored.)


Condition: Used (In great condition)


Warranty: None


Reason for sale: Selling for business capital for a new business. (Buyers will receive something special in the future).


Payment: Zelle (No PayPal)


Item location: Waterbury, CT


Shipping: Free Shipping (USA Only)

International shipping: No

Handling time: 2 Business Days


Feedback: I have done business with numerous users on this forum and NBR with no issues whatsoever. Buy with complete confidence!


This CPU is the same one used by Mr. Fox for a lot of his amazing benchmark scores. I am using the copper IHS but I will include the original IHS as well. The CPU was used with liquid metal and the IHS has not been glued back to the chip. I will clean it prior to shipping it out. 


The EVGA X299 Dark has been used for benches and while it is a bit dusty, should work great.







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Probably my fondest benching experiences of all time were with the X299 Dark and 7960X/7980XE CPUs. There are still quite a few benchmarks that 5960X and 12900K can't touch with those CPUs. Those are the only CPUs I ever owned that could handle a 100% overclock (double stock speed) and pulled over 1000W.  Wicked to the core. Certainly will be remember in history as the greatest CPUs ever made even when something is released that beats them by a mile. It has taken years for anything else to even come within striking distance.


Good luck with the sale and your business venture.

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