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Started off with a Precision 6400, bumped it to the fx2800 after someone on the forums suggested it would be a good boost.  It was a fun process but the 6400 is limited.  Got a Precision 6600 and immediately did the FirePro 6100 in it, and bumped it to an i7 from an i5.  Tested a few cards in that machine to see if I can get an output on the panel.  Been wicked fun, and its a solid machine:  If I need to, I can toss the 6100 back in it and it'll run no problem.  Bought a M17x R4 from the marketplace here, kinda turned into a money pit.  Don't know what it is but it keeps destroying motherboards and GPUs.  It has been fun to work with nonetheless!  Earlier this year I dropped decent money (950 US) on an HP zBook 17 G5 with a Quadro P5200 to have a more seriously focused portable gaming rig, and it is a tank.  MXM as well!  BGA cpu, but it's a pretty solid runner so no issues there.


Laptops are fun, and NBR was a huge resource of info and people.  Thanks for making NBT!

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