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Upgrade clevo P775DM3-G to P775TM1-g


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Hi everyone i was wondering if it was possible to upgrade the clevo P775DM3-G to P775TM1-G you know if feasible by buying new motherboard and new heatsink, my idea was to upgrade to i9 9900k and rtx 2080/2070.


Motherboard Clevo P775DM3-G



Motherboard Clevo P775TM1-G



Heatsink rtx 20xxx


PS: I thank you to all  in advance.

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Flash the DSanke Bios on your P775DM3-G. And work on the original P775DM3-G Heatsink like this. So you only have to pay for the RTX card.


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Schenker DTR 15(P751TM1) @Dsanke Bios, I7-8700, 32GB 2666MHz RAM, GTX 1060, 15,6“ 4K B156ZAN02.2 Display

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