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I've been following the trial and it made no sense imo. Depp sued Heard for defamation about an op-ed which was about domestic abuse, claiming that Heard was referring to Depp and that it was false and hurt his career. Afa I can tell all Heard needed to do was come up with some proof that she(ahem) was referring to someone else or to some other situation she had personal experience with and back it up with some proof, or maybe just flatly deny it with the burden of proof being on him. Well H never really seemed to even attempt it, and she further proved his(ahem) case by only focusing in on his alleged abuse, so she effectively confirmed his position about the identity of the alleged abuser described in the op-ed. On top of that the UK trial pretty much made it impossible for Heard to claim the Op-Ed wasn't about Depp. He should have sued for a trillion dollars why not? guaranteed win in the aspect of who the op ed was about, even if you just win that part(a home run) and not the other parts it's still a huge award even if just 5% of the amount. The abuse seems to have been a bit on both sides and the other part about hurting his career is too subjective imo to ever conclusively prove.


Her legal team was more focused on the counterclaim of career sabotage/defamation, offsetting the possible 50mil loss with 100mil win. But again, damage to career is a very hard thing to prove in any objective way, so only swaying a jury's emotions/opinions would really work, grasping at straws in the dark. Depp won all counts and was awarded 15mil but will only get 10mil and change. Heard won one count of defamation against a lawyer of Depps for 2mil. I'm not sure why that was included in this trial as it was not against Depp but one of his lawyers statements, doesn't the lawyer deserve his own trial?


 All the other circus level filler stuff is inconclusive as to abuse, looked like overall both were abusive in different places but there was audio of H admitting hitting Depp. Depp did some nasty texts to a third party and some less nasty to Heard. Depp claimed his severed finger was from a bottle thrown by Heard, bollocks. There was ONE pic of Heard which she claims is proof of physical abuse, which looked photoshopped. IMO there was nothing that points to more than just two people whose tempers flared on certain occasions. Depp freely admits to substance abuse and claims to have gone through treatment. I don't know how the UK trial found anything conclusive, looks like they just didn't want to bother muzzling or fining a tabloid newspaper for the words "wife beater" really. Depp drew attention to it more with the UK lawsuit more than anything else.


Another thing I read is that Heard won't even have to pay for legal fees because renters insurance or homeowners insurance will pay those fees? Huh? Probably at least in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees paid by renters/homeowners insurance!? I guess if that's true it makes sense for H to not even attempt to prove the Op-Ed wasn't about D, H won't pay legal fees anyways and it's well known that monetary judgements are never anywhere near what is asked, maybe Musk assured H he'd pay any loss who knows. Whole thing was a circus TV show really, and it was eye opening to see these two and the various people involved in a court setting, including the judge, for me at least.



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fully agree on all counts here, total circus show. they shouldve just locked the two in a room and throw away the key, then broadcast the whole thing for entertainment 😂

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Yeah and Depp will be fine, there was no need to sue the Sun or go through this farce put on by the very weird state of Virginia. So he seemed to have lost at least one role, not the pirates one, from all this big deal it's a speed bump. Depp is just not athletic enough to do Pirates anymore, weird body type(ahem) just doesn't work.  Just being that famous is lots of money in the bank, even older faded stars can come back and make millions, Burt Reynolds and others came back, even Tyson who went to prison for 3 years over domestic abuse has done plenty since then etc


Depp apparently has had financial problems but come on he still has a private island for Gods sake, it was mentioned in the case and probably several properties etc so just sell a couple, amazing to me what just compound interest would pay out on the tens of millions these types have, not to mention even the most conservative investments over that. Most people could retire,while still young, comfortably on 5-10% of what most major celebrities have with a pretty nice lifestyle.


Heard was dating one of the richest men in the world and is supposedly worth 10mil or so, put together another decade or so before all that surgery starts falling apart, and you have a few more millions as an actress, the 7mil she got from the depp marriage etc


sheesh all around.

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I havent been following the trial much because i been busy and plus i dont care about celebrity drama but im glad Johnny Depp won because Amber Heard is a example of evil women that willing to lie and manipulate to get what they want and sadly you have a lot of women who are like her including a past Ex of mines. Its more cringe worthy that the media was defending her even though the fact every time she opens her mouth she openly lies and its obvious to everyone who was watching and plus her evidence was clearly photoshopped to make Johnny look bad plus her leaving poop on the bed is some crazy sh*t. I seen the clips of the trial and it was pretty damn bad for Amber, She was doing everything possible to destroy this man out of hate and im glad Johnny cleared his name and restored his reputation .


Overall it was a clown show but at least the right person won.

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