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We've got a lot on our plate.

Chill out, join up, make a few posts or just poke around while we add content and spruce things up!

Things down the pipeline:

  • Theme tweaks and changes
  • Special groups
  • Subscriptions (including access to locked sections of the forum, and other products e.g Custom theme colors, premium support...etc)
  • Other Features we're considering
  • Anything is subject to change
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Please message me @Hiew or @Reciever in regard to getting anything fixed or changed. And keep in mind that pretty much everything is subject to change.

The goal for me is to create something that everyone wants to use and enjoy, while having the assurance its not going anywhere. Everything here will be updated and backed up securely.

If you have a suggestion, new feature, theme colours...etc (we'll have both a dark and a light theme, which can be changed at the bottom of the screen image.png.9c73bae6f65c4d9937127cf708ab77dd.png)

Site suggestions: https://efgxt.net/forum/50-site-suggestions/

Check out the clubs section, and let us know what you think in the site suggestions.


There's a few more features I'm looking at rolling out the next while.

subject to change

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Below are a couple features of the forum I can think of off the top of my head. Let me know what you think about them in the :

Site suggestions: https://efgxt.net/forum/50-site-suggestions/ section of the forum.

To be Implemented / Features

  • 2FA -enabled from launch
  • Email registrations/password recovery -enabled from launch
  • Entire website is HTTPS/SSL -enabled from launch
  • Initial forum structure -most forums created | Subject to change) (all requests go to site suggestions)
  • Automatic image/video embedding and resizing. -enabled from launch (resized to fit & compressed large images for web (high quality))
  • Dark theme -enabled with more styles coming very soon! (accessible from the bottom of the screen)
  • Daily backups  -enabled | monthly snapshots | offsite backups | will explain and expand on this later
  • Clubs -enabled | Subject to change (create your own section of the forum and open it to the public or keep it closed)
  • Calendar -enabled (does anyone use this? Well we've got one anyway.)
  • Rich-Text editor -enabled for posts/signatures (WYSIWYG) with backward compatibility for automatic BBCode conversion to Rich-Text
  • Moderator/Moderator control panel & tools -enabled |  Subject to change
  • Friendly URLs -enabled |  https://efgxt.net/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=forums&rss=1&id=123 --> https://efgxt.net/forum/id-??
  • CAPTCHA -enabled | Using reCAPTCHA invisible (unless people like picking out sidewalks, I felt invisible was best!) https://www.google.com/recaptcha/about/

Up in the Air and up to Member Feedback

  • Integrated Front page? (with forum user permissions/account) Forum content potentially displayed on a website style page?
  • Blogs? (Their own spot to make an article, maybe for donator status?) Tiered?
  • Downloads/Storage/file sharing for VIP/Donator (with store possibly?)
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