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Update 3.1a -Minor changes

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Good Afternoon everyone!


First off, congrats to all of us as we now have over 500 members on the forum! This is all due to word of mouth as many of you have had profiles on other forums and shared links to this forum. For that, I thank you all for sharing how NBR members could find NotebookTalk and chat it up with familiar faces.


I would like to also announce my intent to give a bit of standardization for the official threads, in particular the official threads that are directly related to specific model laptop(s). I will make another announcement in the future when that is settled.


Lastly I have accepted and made changes to a request made by @1610ftw to allow for the OEM Uniwill to have its own sub-forum, which is also better known as TongFang. This can be found in the list of Notebook Manufacturer sub-forum.


Also since the beginning of NBT, there has been no activity within the Gigabyte/Aorus as well as Apple sub-forums. As a result I have deprecated them for the time being. Of course any content related to such subjects are still welcomed! If content being generating for such brands we will be happy to re-make those subforums



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