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Security verification & maybe sub-forum for old phones & SFFs?


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The first is a small bug

When I tried to register, and verification seems to be required for all users with China IP.

I think the security verification is based on some google verification.

And google is blocked in China.

While this site itself is not blocked, the inability to go through the security verification made it impossible for Chinese users to register without bypassing the Wall.


Second is a suggestion:

Maybe we should also add sub-forums for older cell phones/ mobile phones? There's probably a big overlap between laptop DIYers and phone DIYers, (e.g. I'm also a old sony ericsson lover) And as we all know, it may have not been a very good time for DIYers these days as lots of the forums are closed. Maybe also for the SFF PCs. I don't know how much it costs for data/storage right now but I'd be happy to offer my solution. (~$3.5 per month for 1TB broadband and almost unlimited amount of storage)





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reCAPTCHA (as you might expect for anything Google related) is a privacy nightmare. There are plenty of alternatives with a few mentioned here:


Or, maybe there is a way to avoid captchas altogether with a different approach like honeypots:





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15 minutes ago, ryan said:

captcha is annoying. why use  it when we have a 0 bot problem. perhaps more energy should be invested in getting nbt out there. spreading the word

We have several orders of magnitude more bots than we do members. They are filtered out well enough through various means so that they dont overload the site.


Seeing as how you dont see many of them, seems like its working :) 

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Telegram / TS3Twitter



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