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Anyone using a projector for personal use?


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I was given an older project from work, I guess at the time of release (2014/2015?) it was rather fancy?


1280x800 native but does 1080p60 quite well all things considered. I was surprised as its my first foray into this genre of technology. I just have it mounted above me pointing towards an empty wall in my bedroom.


Gotta say makes it perfect for controller gaming, but due to Texas heat I tend to shy away from it during the day.

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In my previous house I had a theater there I had a Sanyo PLV-Z1 projection system.  I had a 200" screen and the projector put out great HD quality image.  If 4k was not a requirement, then I think it's a great technology.  If I was building my current home myself, I would have had a nice theater put in here, but we purchased it already completed.  I would go for it if I were you!

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I have two friends who have gone projector-first over the years.


The first was back around 2007, when monitors were smaller.  Got a killer deal on a projector and life was transformed.  I think it was 1280x800 but who cares when you have a 100" screen when most monitors are 5:4 1280x1024 17" screens?  Only downside was the risk of an expensive bulb replacement.


The other friend was a couple years ago, I think he still uses it primarily for games and movies.  Like the 2007 instance, basically a 100" screen with it pointed at a wall.  It does make for a pretty great setup for a film or gaming with a couple friends over.  It's a 240 Hz 1080p projector that uses some fancy optics and mechanics to simulate 4K 60 Hz.  Downside is it hasn't been the most reliable one in the world, I think once due to dust and once due to a mechanical issue, and he's had to send it in for repairs twice, I think once was covered by warranty but not the second time.


My friend who has a basement man cave really should have a projector down there, or at least an OLED TV to take advantage of the lack of outside light, but instead has a more commonplace LCD TV.  Not making full use of the space yet!

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I was big into projectors owned like 5 of them. the best one IMHO was my LG LED 1280x800 3D projector. the image was 130in dia. and was pretty clear, just had to be pitch black or near. loved watching Imax 3d movies on it and gaming was fun also, it truely is something to behold(130in screen from 10 feet away) but after seeing the oculus quest 1 in VR I went away from projectors. if I buy anything this time around it will be a meta quest 2 or 3. VR isn't as gimmicky

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