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HowTo - Change your signature!


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Good Evening everyone,


This will be a simple guide aimed primarily at new users, considering where and what forum software we came from, this forum is quite different under the hood. 


The goal for this guide is to show you how to change your signature. As well, please follow forum guidelines for signature size, we do allow for some flexibility of which I will also show one of our better examples. Anyways, lets begin! 


After having logged into the forum, direct your attention to the top right of your screen where you can see notifications (The exclamation mark is for Mods and Admins).


Mouse over your Handle (The name you use within our forums), you'll notice a small arrow next to it, this is to signal to you that there is a drop down menu housed within. 



Once this menu is open, you will see some options, for the purposes of this guide all we need is to select "Account Settings" as displayed below.




Once you have made it to your Account Settings, you will see probably a majority of items of interest regarding the Forums mechanics that are available to you, for the purposes of this guide, please direct your attention to the left pane.




And there you have it! You made it to the Signature option under your Account Options. 




Please observe Forum Rules for the signature, while the old NBR rules still apply here. IIRC this should be limited to 8 lines. We do have some flexibility regarding this but do keep in mind that if it falls outside the scope of what is permitted, we will ask you to revise it. If this is ignored we may have to take more abrasive action. 




This is a signature from @Maxware79 that has not been hidden via spoiler tag. When the forum was initially created it was a bit unruly. After reaching out, this was the end result. I applaud Maxware79 for being amenable and revising the signature to fit the forums desire but also finding that balance to still display the prized systems.


If you copy/paste your signature or post from another source, the forum software will attempt to retain it in totality. Including the background coloring. In short, if you paste content from another source you may still have a black or white background to your text. In order to remove this, you must select this option highlighted below.




This will allow for your posts to match the respective themes we have on the forum.


Any questions and critique please forward to me and I will address them as best I can


Thanks everyone! 



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