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HowTo - Change Notification Behavior


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Good Evening everyone! 


This will be a short guide aimed primarily at newer members regarding Notification behavior and how to alter it.


We have opt-in scenario in play on the forums for the most part, however this can be changed. Assuming your starting point is the forums home page, direct your attention to the top right of the screen, you will see your Handle (the name you use on the forums) with a small down arrow next to it, this is to signal a menu.




A list of option will appear, for the purposes of this guide you will need to select Account Settings, highlighted below. 




After selecting the above, you will need to direct your attention to the center right of the screen under "Other Settings", the option we need is "Notification Settings" which is highlighted below. 




This will take you to the notification settings and its behaviors. Push notifications work well most of the time but I have sometimes seen that it would be quite a bit slower than real time, maybe 15-20 minutes at worst. Though Im not sure about my browsers compatibility, using Brave or WaterFox primarily. YMMV, test it for yourself. I was surprised when push notification did actually work for my phone, however, but again YMMV. 




Followed Content is also typically one of the first items members look to alter so this is also a means to change those behaviors here. 


There are other aspects of the forum that you can alter notification behavior for, but I have only highlighted the above. If you have made it this far you will have already discovered those settings :) 


Thanks everyone! Any additional questions or critiques please feel free to reach out. 






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