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HowTo - Change Post Viewing Behavior


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Good Evening Everyone! 


This guide will be aimed more towards new members or those that haven't spent much time of this type of Forum software.


Assuming that your starting point is the Forums home page, direct your attention to the top right of the screen where you will find your Handle (the name you use of the forum) along with an arrow next to it, this is to signal that there is a menu present. Click on your handle as highlighted below. 




You will find a number of options, but for the purposes of this guide, we will need to select "Account Settings" as highlighted below. 




Direct your attention to the center left pane of the settings options. The option we need to select is "Content View behavior" as highlight below. 




This will take you to the options available for Content View Behavior, which should look as it does below. 




Now, you can alter where in the thread the browser will take you based on these settings. However, this function has not proven to be consistent. We had reached out to the Invision Community forums for guidance regarding these issues, we got the extremely helpful "We cant recreate the issue" response. With the only recommendation being, "Use Chrome".


Thus, my apologies in advance for future issues regarding this particular scenario. 



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