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M18 Flash modded bios protected


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Friend having issues flashing moddem M18 (R1) bios from link below.


  • Managed to down grade bios to earlier non-modded version (A15 to A10)
  • Unable to patch modded bios for M18 using dos bootable disk and command:
    fptw64 -f bios.bin -bios
  • Laptop had nearlly fully charged battery (battery is new 4 months ago) and plugged in to mains
  • Engineer tried via dos bootable disk and some other way



  • error 28: protected range registers are currently set by bios m18


Any ideas?



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Do the command in command prompt and when you get the error, close laptop lid to put laptop in sleep mode (make sure it goes to sleep!)


Now open lid back up and try command again 

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