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HP Zbook 17 G2 MXM Upgrade?


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I recently upgraded my Clevo P177SM-A to incorporate a Quadro P5200. The card works but I soon found out that the Clevo laptop has no MUX switch even with the Prema bios installed. This means no g-sync capabilities and a total oversight on my part. My Zbook 17 G2 does have an MUX switch in bios and I can control my display settings through the Nvidia panel in Windows 10. I had thought about upgrading my laptop to a 980m last year, but I forgot about it until now.


Thinking about this situation makes me want to try and install the P5200 into the HP laptop, but I think there will be issues if I did that. For one, I read online somewhere that apparently the Zbook 17 G2 can only go up to a 980m if you have the standard 1080p panel. Pascal cards are supported if you have the dreamcolor ips display, which I do not have. Second, I don't have the HP vbios for the P5200, only the Dell one. I just want to know if this information is true and whether or not I would want to spend the money to buy the ips screen. I would also love it if someone had the Hp vbios for the P5200 (non VR backpack one, just the regular vbios.)

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yeah its going to be rough without gsync. I never had gsync until I bought this 55 in x85j tv that does 120hz 4k with gsync....its a game changer

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5 minutes ago, saperkus said:

There used to be a topic on Tom's Guide about MXM GPU upgrades on HP ZBook devices. Someone tested quite a bit of MXM GPUs on HP ZBook 17 G2 - luckily I made a screenshot from that post.


Tried a WX4150 (based on RX460/560) in my 15 G2 and the result seemed to be that the fan would remain at max speed. But the upside was that installing drivers for the thing was swift and hassle-free. But looking at the vBIOS for the HP WX4150 I found that fan control looked really really off.

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