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[TPU] Intel A750/A770 Review


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Intel is pricing the Arc A750 at $290, there's just the tested 8 GB version. For the Arc A770 a 8 GB ($330) and 16 GB version ($350) exist. Given our performance results, the 8 GB card is the right choice and makes total sense in this price-sensitive segment. Intel chose a competitive price point that undercuts all the big enemies: RX 6600 XT and RX 6650 XT are $300, NVIDIA's RTX 3060 is $370, and the RTX 3060 Ti is even $450. 

Source (A750)



Intel is pricing the Arc A770 16 GB at $350, there's also a 8 GB card for $330. Given our performance results you will definitely be fine with the 8 GB version, but the price difference is quite small, and I feel that the higher resale value will offset the initial savings eventually. At $350 the Arc A770 is priced fairly, but not nearly as aggressively as it has to be for huge success. 

Source (A770)

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