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Anyone have the Dell U3223qe


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Wondering if the colors on the U3223qe 4k 32" display would be better than the U3023E. The 30" is a nice monitor, but the colors aren't nearly as good as previous generation 30" dell monitors, so I'm looking for something with better color.


I wonder how similar or different the color would be between the 2560x1600 30" and the uhd 32" panels? (anyone know what the panels are in the current offering?)


The two current Premier Color monitors are $4,000 now so a bit out of reach 😞 

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I had a possibility to use P3223QE with QHD display for a some time. I have done tests with colorimeter and got following results:

sRGB: 98.5%

AdobeRGB: 88.5%

DCI-P3: 86%


It is not that bad in comparison to a Dell UP3017:

sRGB: 100%

AdobeRGB: 98%

DCI-P3: 93.5%

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