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Anyone have the Dell U3223qe


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Wondering if the colors on the U3223qe 4k 32" display would be better than the U3023E. The 30" is a nice monitor, but the colors aren't nearly as good as previous generation 30" dell monitors, so I'm looking for something with better color.


I wonder how similar or different the color would be between the 2560x1600 30" and the uhd 32" panels? (anyone know what the panels are in the current offering?)


The two current Premier Color monitors are $4,000 now so a bit out of reach 😞 

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I had a possibility to use P3223QE with QHD display for a some time. I have done tests with colorimeter and got following results:

sRGB: 98.5%

AdobeRGB: 88.5%

DCI-P3: 86%


It is not that bad in comparison to a Dell UP3017:

sRGB: 100%

AdobeRGB: 98%

DCI-P3: 93.5%

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Thanks very much!


I'm thinking the difference in AdobeRGB (and DCI-P3 although I haven't used that color space) is actually quite huge between those monitors, with the 88.5% AdobeRGB dropping quite a bit of the extended blue green range AdobeRGB affords over sRGB.  This hits me because I do quite a bit of photography involving water and green nature...


I love my current Dell Premier Color monitors but they have some pixels and one has a smudge behind the screen somehow... but the color is better than the Dell monitors I can afford now (now a year after I started this thread.)

Not sure if Dell will release new 2024 models this year... right now though it looks like the only Premier Color monitor is the 32" 8k which is still quite $$$$.

Asus has a 32" OLED ProArt monitor too that looks interesting. My Dell laptop with an oled screen has really beautiful blues and greens... would love to compare that side by side with the current Dell offering.

Wish Dell would offer a new Premier Color 4k monitor in the 30" range...

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I just picked up the MSI MAG323UPF on sale and it has been good for the whole 12 hours i've owned it so far.

Sager NP9877

Hybrid Watercooled setup, D5 pump with dual 140MM fans integrated into custom stand. All controlled via temp outputs from GPU and CPU.

17.3" 1440p 120Hz display + 32" 4k MSI IPS 160Hz display

9900KS @ 4.8Ghz (47x102Mhz) All core, delid with rockit IHS, liquid metal

RTX 3080 @ 1920/8000 shunt mod

32GB (16x2 dual rank) 3280Mhz DDR4 CL16



Dual 330W PSU 

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