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Does anyone have any experience with Windows 10 AME? It looks like an interesting project:



See both the build info and FAQ for more details:



I'm not sure about using it as a main system – I would want the default user with admin privileges for sure, though I'm also not too concerned about not having the latest security updates, as I consider my own countermeasures to be by far the more significant factor. Though I think it could be nice for a secondary e.g. dedicated gaming machine.


Actually, I remember now that that is how I first heard about it. Someone on YouTube happened to be using it for some Linux vs. Windows gaming performance comparisons and the Windows AME build showed a noticeable improvement in performance compared to the other version tested (I can't recall if it was vs. standard or LTSC, but I can probably dig out the video if anyone is interested).


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and its still littered with modern app garbage. Give me windows 10 minus the spyware, and all modern app filth!

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you would probably be better off going with that bare metal NTLite LTSC config that someone on reddit made. Least then you can edit ur own iso without having to worry about potential hidden nasties. I simply went with standard LTSC and ran chris titus's all in one tool to cut down on the unnecessary stuff

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I really should have done more research before creating this thread. By way of apology, here's a bunch of resources for similar options in this category:



But yeah, I very much agree with the above comments, that you might be better off configuring it yourself, and you really need to do your own research and decide if you trust the people behind these projects. The amount of third party hacks and tool that are required to make Windows sane these days is pretty ridiculous. I thought I would likely end up having to use Windows 10 some day, but that's looking less and less likely now. Since I was trying out a lot of Linux distributions anyway, I also installed a Window 8.1 virtual machine since I have some use for a separated Windows system, and happened to have that ISO to hand. I couldn't help noticing that it only took 8.5 GB to install – noticeably lighter even than most mainstream Linux systems 😂

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