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Fans for Schenker H507 (Clevo P651RP6-G)


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Hello everyone,


After a long time from being absent from NotebookReviews I've come to the realisation it is yet another invaluable site that has been taken down, alas, thanks to all the people who backed it up and I'm glad there's alternatives.


Now to my question, I have the laptop mentioned above and sadly (after 5 years), I believe the fans are starting to fail. It's not happening all the time but the frequency is picking up, when I start it from cold, the fans start making this the dreaded grinding sound, like unoiled gears. It goes away after a bit, but I would rather like to have it working without a problem (or at least have a backup). Could anyone advise me on where to get the replacements? (Prefferably in UK but EU wouldn't really be a problem either I Think). I've checked up on clevo's official site where I guess I could get them from? But I have no idea what they could be (maybe I should look inside...). Additionally to this I think it's high time to replace the thermal paste so I welcome any suggestions for this as well.


Many thanks in advance!

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Check fleBay or AliExpress.

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