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FS: Ryzen 9 5950x (that needs to be RMA'ed)


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As described in the title. $325 shipped ConUS


This was purchased directly from Microcenter and I have everything that you need for RMA.

I left the U.S. abt a year ago, and this CPU failed just recently. (First a memory channel then both). I can only RMA it in the U.S. and right now a friend of mine is travelling there this Saturday. so this could be someone's chance to pick up a good deal. All you need is the RMA process to AMD and should have a good working one back. (Hopefully with latest stepping)


Also have a R9 3900 with a failed CCD, tested working on my MSI B550m Mortar with 1 CCD turned off.

One might be able to get the other CCD back by adding voltage/ turn off HT etc. No gurantee for that.

Worst case it can still be used as a R5 3600. If some one wanna try for $80 or have methods to find the OEM for RMA then this is gonna be a steal.




Pics to be added later (within 12 hours).



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