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2x Clevo RTX 2080, Heatsink P750TM1


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Price: 699,- per RTX 2080 or best offer

             Heatsink is for trading

Condition: used

Warranty: none

Reason for sale: no need anymore

Payment: PayPal or Bank transfer

Item location: Europe Germany 

Shipping: Yes
International shipping: Yes
Handling time: -



Proof of ownership: Time Stamped pictures


I want to trade the RTX 20xx Heatsink with extra charge for a P750tm Heatsink for GTX 10xx series. The RTX Heatsink has 3 extra holes. The previous owner worked on it to get a 3080 fit in the P750TM. 

The 2 RTX 2080 cards are working fine. One is pulled from a P775TM and one from a P750TM.








Clevo N960KP, I5-11400, RTX 3060 140w TGP, Samsung 970 EVO Plus 2TB NVMe SSD, Samsung 870 EVO 4TB SATA SSD.

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