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Created account to get more info about iunlock (liquidhz)

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Hello everyone, I contacted iunlock (a popular poster about alienware products here) about 4 years ago to do a repaste on my 17r4 laptop. During that time he said that we was capable of building a custom water cooled pc. I sent him a list of parts and configurations that I wanted and also sent him a 3970x threadripper cpu and about $6,000 to build this computer. Over the 3.5 years since then, we have been back and forth on emails and discord about how/why everything kept getting delayed and how/why there were problems fitting things etc... Then over the past 4 months he has completely stopped responding to my emails and blocked me on discord. I am in the process of filing a lawsuit on my end but I just want to reach out and let everyone be warned that he is a scammer that is not to be trusted. Please reach out to me if you have had similar experiences with him. 

unlock 1.PNG

iunlock 2.PNG

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He was an affluent laptop bencher on NBR but I don't believe I have seen anyone posting under that handle here. 


Sorry to hear about your troubles though @Rage Set had similar issues but in reversed roles. I believe he is transitioning out of system integration.


I didn't know iunlock did system integration. Did he become a vendor or was this closer to a handshake amongst gentleman? 



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I have spoken to iunlock in the past, on NBR and a few times on Discord. He wanted me to help him secure computer parts, as at the time I was the owner of an SI/MSP for small business. He saw how giving I was on NBR and perhaps hoped I would help him. It never amounted to anything as I was quite busy at the time and I never give out my personal information...to a very select few. I rarely ventured out of the Official Overclocking thread on NBR (and you can say the same about this forum).


I am sorry about how things went. You can't be too careful online (trust me, I know). I hope you find resolution and justice.


EDIT: I want to add and perhaps it was just my company, but for even the highest end of builds...including completely custom hardlined watercooled rigs, it would take a month max if we had all of the parts in stock. If we didn't, we would keep the client updated every week without fail. I also insisted to all of my employees of including build photos in those updates. 

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I had a much smaller experience with the guy as well.  Sent him something, he said he would pay shipping etc and it never happened.  It was a small enough amount I just let it go, but I think it probably speaks towards his character.  I dealt with him a lot over the last few years as part of another group and he was very hard to get along with at times, just a very odd person.  He asked me to send him some other stuff, but something just felt off, so I never even considered it.

Good luck getting your money back @wheres my computer, hope you can track it all down. 

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I don't think that discord channel is in use, it was called LiquidHz server or something. Its been years since I heard any updates from them and once NBR forums was taken down, I stopped using discord/tap-a-talk entirely. I believe iunlock and Deex were present in Steven's OwnOrDisown channel along with alexnvidia.

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