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Clevo P775TM1-G Cooling Refresh

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First off I'd like to thank this forum because there's a whole host of very helpful information in here.

I am [UK] and have a Clevo P775TM1-G which is branded as PC Specialist OctaneIV. 
i7 8700K (Undervolted in BIOS -100)

16GB Corsair VENGEANCE 2400MHz SODIMM DDR4 (2 x 8GB)
Nvidia 1080
System BIOS 1.07.15

Bought at the end of 2017, went back to PC Specialist at one point and they updated BIOS for Mobo and GPU.
They may (?) have redone the thermal pastes, I'm not sure. In short, thermal pastes and pads haven't been done in about 5 years.

Whist writing this CPU is around 50C, same with GPU. However even menial tasks like copying data, or downloading data (from steam or something) will ramp up the CPU (and therefore fans).

Gaming however.... my god, this thing screams, 1080 is sat at 90C all day CPU not far off.

--cut to the chase--

I'm looking to strip the laptop down and redo thermal paste. I have seen some people love and hate on the K5 Pro, so that would be good to get some feedback on that.

I've not done thermal pads before so K5 Pro looks like good in respect of application and not needing to know 100% the width of each pad.

My questions are:

1: Should I just do the CPU and GPU thermal paste and leave the pads or do the pads wear out over time?
1a: if yes, K5 Pro or alternative?
2: Mobo BIOS - updating to the latest / modded. I rarely see a (decent) feature list of what comes with them, so I don't know what's available. I don't overclock so not sure how useful it would be.

3: Is there a dsanke BIOS for me and it is Secure Boot approved? I've only seen one which is 0729-9900KS and I'm not sure if that would work for me or not being on 8700K.
4: Is there anything else I can look at doing?

I'm not looking to replace the whole cooling unit (as I have seen on here as another alternative).
I already have the laptop on a stand with USB fans underneath. 

Thanks all

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