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Need vbios for gt72 6qd dominator with GTX 980m


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Seeking Help with MSI GT72 6QD Graphics Card Upgrade Issue!


Hello fellow tech enthusiasts,

I could really use some assistance and insights on a problem I'm facing with my MSI GT72 6QD gaming laptop. Recently, my GTX 970M graphics card became faulty, prompting me to purchase a replacement GTX 980M. However, after installation, I've encountered a perplexing issue.

The problem is as follows:

1. The laptop screen remains blank; there is no display whatsoever.
2. The laptop does seem to be functioning correctly as the external display (LED) works without any issues.

After encountering these problems I decided to install vbios without having any experience and ended up flashing wrong bios, however I got the display but gpuz show GTX 980 without Physx and few other. Sequentially, I tried so many bios but none of them worked, came up with mismatch GPU, mismatch device ID, wrong firmware etc. 

Have any of you experienced a similar situation when upgrading a GPU on an MSI GT72 6QD laptop?


Your valuable expertise would be greatly appreciated, and any guidance you can provide will be a huge help to me. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance!

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