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Good Morning everyone, 


Some of you may have noticed that there is an influx of spam that has been making it to the forum, just know that it hasnt gone unnoticed. We have updated the forum software, changed CAPTCHA's, and threw in an additional question but it appears that these accounts are being triggered around 4:30a-6:30a CST after allowing the accounts to sit dormant. Irritatingly, these have been triggered during my commute to work so I thank our Moderation team for containing the outbreaks when they occur, @John Ratsey and @katalin_2003 in particular. Even now they are hard at work keeping the forum from being flooded. Thank You!


I will continue to work with @Hiew to see what additional measures we can take, its worth noting based on what I have been reading it looks to be occurring on many forums, not just our own. If one of those Forums presents a solution it may be implemented here. As such, there may be some testing of new functions or features. If any of you discover something broken or doesnt add additional value to the forum please feel free to reach out!


Thanks Everyone for your patience!



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