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Question about a 17" claiming it's a M17x


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I have found the following laptop near me via FB marketplace




Seller says its a M17x and pictures show a 4800MQ cpu and 770m GTX gpu with a 3D screen and Glasses included.


Is this laptop Upgradable or is it BGA;

Can I upgrade CPU and even throw an RTX 3000 in it and work with the screen in PEG mode?


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It is 100% a 17 R1 and yes, you can replace the CPU and GPU. An RTX 3000 will work fine. 


The seller will be saying it's and M17x because Dell decided to put M17x on the Service tag stickers on the 17's. I believe it was going to be the M17x R5 before they decided to change the naming system. 

You can only use the 3D 120hs display in PEG mode, you cannot use the iGFX. 

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OK I just got a new RTX 3000 from the Orient and stuck it in mt m17x r4 120hz 3D screen and got 8 beeps. I made sure it was in PEG mode. Did DDU shutdown and swapped out my Precious 4gb GTX 680m and then thought maybe I broke the card cause it is a thicker die and sat higher in the chassis, just a little where the back panel cover was sticking out. So swapped back the GTX 680m and put the RTX 3000 in my regular m17x r4 1600x900 easy to read screen and works perfectly. Am now getting ready to stress out 3DMark with benchmarks. Just wanted to give jerryzago a heads up on what he might be in for with the 120hz 3D screen

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