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Project is in the Works + Small update(s)

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Good Evening (or Morning?) everyone!


There seems to be a little concern regarding what more we can do to encourage additional membership to the forums, I share some of those concerns of course considering mine and @Hiew's time and fiscal investment we have put in thus far. Of course would like for the forum to thrive as well, so we have some ideas on how to facilitate the first and most important element. You all!


Chapter 1

First, some small things to get out of the way. I cant be counted on to have amazing idea's to put forth for the forum all the time and there will be some things that I may not see the merit for, key word being "seeing". There will be times where the community may need to get the point across, we have something in place for that, and I may enhance it a bit to give it proper exposure if need be.


Site Suggestion Polls has been put in place. Now, I must stress this item. This is for the community and its individual members to put forth the best argument they can towards what they would like to have put in place. With that in mind, structure your argument and make it as clear as possible. The Site Suggestion Polls require approval before the threads will be created. If it looks to be anything but a genuine request for the forum to consider it will be rejected. Keep in mind that Site Suggestions arent limited to the Suggestion Box that @cucubits so kindly created in the earliest phase of the forum. You may use that sub-forum to better formulate an idea you may have amongst other members or the staff. Then make your pitch in the Site Suggestion Poll.


Chapter 2

For the efforts made with the NBRchive, I have bestowed @Aaron44126, @Sandy Bridge, and @Hiew with the badge "Custodian of History". I know they didnt do it for acclaim or anything, but it should still be rewarded, in however meager way that I could that would stay with them, and can only be awarded manually. I recently spoke with Hiew, and he was quite baffled that most of his internet sleuthing regarding a Mobile Precision he was working with all roads led back to NoteBookReview. If not for the actions of the aforementioned, all that trial and error that eventually came to be known as knowledge would've been lost.


Chapter 3 - How we may stand apart


I have seen some rumblings about additional means to provide content to encourage additional membership to these forums. I must confess I haven't been able to put the time in that I originally intended. I have begun making some Framework for the first project that I have in mind. I will be reaching out to various members (provided they have time and are willing). I dont want to share too much at this stage, but know that we are working on something that I believe will set us apart from anything else, at the very least, that I have witnessed thus far.


We may release an alpha stage product just so we can start cataloguing to later update as we learn more about what the forum's software can provide for us. Some of you are quite keen on keeping the momentum going, and I do appreciate that!


Knowing where we come from, I do appreciate everyone's patience.




P.S. Announcement Discussion can be had here.


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