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Amiga OS


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Promptly goes into atic and gets out the Amiga A500+ and turns it on.

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{Screen:} BOE NE173QHM-NY2 165hz 1440p

{Storage:} WD M.2 SATA 2TB (Data/ShadowPlay/UserProfile), WD SN770 in 500GB (OS), 1TB(Firmware/Drivers/Junk( and 2TB (Games_ sizes

{OS:} Windows 11 Pro


{TimeSpy}: Normal Extreme  {Firestrike}: Normal Extreme {Port Royle}Result

Realtek Nahimic 3 Modded Driver for MSI Systems: Latest

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4 hours ago, ryan said:

cool man watched a bit of that video might check it out bro

It was good back in the day...but some people just will not let it die.


Linux has an issue with not enough software developers....Amiga is like 10 thousand times worse :classic_sad:

So at the moment its really just a nostalgia thing.

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Thunderchild // Lenovo Legion Y740 17" i7-9750H rtx2080maxQ win10 

Rainbird // Alienware 17 (Ranger) i7-4910mq gtx980m win10

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On 4/2/2022 at 12:24 AM, Eban said:

Linux has an issue with not enough software developers and user population/humanity who are just looking for the simplest OS possible, privacy, freedom and other considerations be damned....Amiga is like 10 thousand times worse  30 years ago existed in a different world, and was an exciting proprietary computing platform embraced by the entirely different, but obviously much smaller, demographic of early adopters and enthusiasts which got killed off by the PC open standard. May she rest in peace.


So at the moment its really just a nostalgia/retro gaming thing.

 Sorry for necroing, couldn't help but add .02.

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1 hour ago, ryan said:

this kinda reminds me of linux. Buying a powerful laptop or desktop and running something lite like linux.


I guess, although the original Amiga OS had very little in common with Linux, it was much lighter. In fact most games etc. would just use a very low level API layer and program the hardware directly, whereas in Linux (and Windows) everything has to go through libraries and kernel drivers.

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