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Good Evening ladies and gents,


I wanted to poll you guys for differing sub-forums within the Desktop space that you would actively engage within. 


I know we have the current Benchmark submission thread that has sort of devolved into a generalized hangout albeit with a lot of submissions. Me and @Hiew have been bouncing ideas and one of which is increasing potential viewership via differing means but I feel that you guys have a lot large pool of knowledge that honestly spans the entire spectrum, including laptops of course.


I know for instance that you lot have much to offer in your experiences with water cooling, GPU's and OCing them, CPU's and OCing them, RAM and OCing them. Some of you (iirc) like @Custom90gt have some experience with rack builds for specific workloads like Plex while blokes like myself (and others, of course) like to dabble in SFF. 


I would like to create additional sub-forums for you guys to post within, and considering how you lot post as much or more than all the current laptop sub-forums combined as of now at least I think its something that should be considered. 


This isnt to mean I want to get rid of the defacto locale that is the benchmark submission thread, everyone wants a place to be able to chill and mingle with peers of similar interests, I too, enjoy it as well. 


With that in mind, what are some sub-forums that are relevant to desktops that you all would enjoy participating within? Its ok its broad, assuming the forum continues to grow, it can be narrowed over time.


Thanks everyone for taking the time and considering this proposition.



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Maybe something for thermal management. A thread for memory tuning would make sense, too.

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I had to bump Mr.Fox's suggestion because coincidentaly this morning I did a search on google on overclocking my non xmp ram on the m18xr2 for some unknown reason and now I want to scroll the new thermal management thread on notebooktalk!!!  This is One amazing site!!!

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a thread for us to post whatever and hangout while being able to kinda have a directive like benchmarks....I think Mr Foxs thread on benchmarks is fine the way it is, sometimes people vere off topic but somehow it bounces back.

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