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Unplanned Forum Outage

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Good Afternoon ladies and gents,


This afternoon at approximately 12:10 PM CST for about 15 minutes, the forum was down. This was unplanned and currently awaiting explanation from our hosting solution as to why this issue occurred. Both myself and @Hiew are not pleased, when we find out more we will share what we can.


This is not a reflection of the confidence we want our community to have with this forum, so if we dont see a satisfactory response and/or becomes a trend we will be looking at alternate solutions.


Thank you all in advance and happy posting! 





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The hosting provider has stated that it was a rare occurrence and will not happen again. That remains to be seen. Up until this point I haven't noticed any downtime at all, and they claim a 100% uptime SLA.


Any amount of downtime is unacceptable for me, therefore if this happens again we're going to have to jump ship.

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