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The ThrottleStop Thread (+Guide!)


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Im starting a new thread for throttlestop questions,etc.








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Link to the original The Throttlestop Guide can be found Here

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Hello, new TS user here,  I have been trying to undervolt my GE77HX and when i get to the portion of the guide to start undervolting I'm unable to select any of the options.  It appears that it is locked somehow.  I'm wondering if there is something I need to select in BIOS to enable this. 

Here is the image of my TS screen


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i used to use throttle stop on my alienware 18 with the 4930mx and it worked flawlessly at the time since the other option (which is intel extreme utility ) was a huge software for my taste to only overclock\undervolt  however since i got the area-51m im using the alienware CC to do my CPU overclocking ( an older version) since all the new versions are missed up in terms of controlling the voltage offset .. 


and since the fan profile on Alienware CC is applied to the bios directly i assumed the overclocking profile is applied to the bios too however i started recently to wonder  that since i noticed the XTU profiles in windows services are running and when i did more digging i found out that Alienware CC uses and XTU preloaded profiles which to me basecly its like having XTU installed underlay the Alienware CC ..


here is the question , does throttle stop apply the undervolting and the overclocking once u loge in to windows or it actually apply it to the bios ?


secondly, does anyone knows about alienware CC overclock control app to correct or confirm what i mentioned above ?


thirdly , i know this might be a subjective question but is there an obvious  benefit from undervolt using throttle stop rather then Alienware CC?

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TechPowerUp Releases ThrottleStop 9.6—Take Control Over Your Processor's Power Management

Techpowerup.com - Today, 17:49
TechPowerUp today released the latest version of ThrottleStop by Kevin Glynn, a utility that gives you fine control over your processor's power-management, letting you squeeze the most performance out of it without having to overclock it. This utility is particularly useful to override processor power-management by OEMs in notebooks, although it's just as useful for desktops. Version 9.6 of ThrottleStop adds support for 13th Gen Core desktop and mobile "Raptor Lake" processors. A bug that caused stability issues with AVX512 has been fixed. The maximum possible IccMax values for 12th Gen and 13th Gen Core processors has been increased. FIVR-PL4 reporting has been fixed for some CPUs. There are several aesthetic updates to the user interface with this release.

DOWNLOAD: TechPowerUp ThrottleStop 9.6 by Kevin Glynn (unclewebb).
Version history - 9.6
  • added 13th Gen desktop and mobile Rocket Lake support including 13700HX.
  • restored proper scaling on high dpi 4K monitors.
  • increased maximum IccMax for 12th and 13th Gen processors.
  • added Undervolt Protection reporting to the FIVR window.
  • fixed FIVR - PL4 reporting for some CPUs.
  • disabled the TS Bench - Random MHz feature when TPL - Speed Shift is not checked.
  • improved the Windows Defender Boost feature so it begins immediately when ThrottleStop starts.
  • added ExitTime=1 INI option to force ThrottleStop to exit 1 second after it starts.
  • disabled safe start feature when Stop Data is being used.
  • added an extra digit to the microcode version reporting.
  • fixed SLFM check box showing on screen when the CPU does not support SLFM.
  • fixed Limit Reasons reporting for Goldmont and Goldmont Plus processors.
  • fixed AVX512 bug.
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