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HowTo's & minor changes


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Good Afternoon everyone! 


We have a couple of small changes to enrich the forum for this announcement, some temporary and some I think to stay. 


First, I want to thank @Bullit for pointing out the lack of favicon/SVG for the forum. I had assumed that the globe that I looked at on my browser would be the same for all browsers, this was not the case. As of current I went and located a free license Laptop icon as you now see. I dont have any particular attachment to it but this is just to avoid issues for some of our members in their respective browsers. Thus if anyone wants to put forth some permanent icons for us to poll on later I would be happy to facilitate that. 


Second, I have thus far failed to locate where I can make the changes for the Reaction/Rep icon for our default theme :( I will need to reach out to Invision Community for further assistance as my GoogleFu has not delivered. Perhaps instead of the icon I may just change the color around it, I'll keep you guys in the loop for when ever that happens.


Third, I have started adding content to the Tutorials sub-forum. I will continue to make "HowTo" over time with additional features/functionalities as I come across them, however I encourage everyone to create HowTo's of your own to help us all out. 


Lastly, for anyone that has a reddit account. I as well as the Forum and its community would appreciate any exposure we can get to bring back more and more of the "old guard" (or just NBR members generally speaking). Please be respectful of any communities guidelines when doing so but for additional context please see this thread here: 



Thanks for being patient with me everyone, I will continue to move the needle over the busy season that myself and @Hiew have been experiencing. 


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