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P157SM-A + 4980HQ = No Post


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Has it been tested and verified in any other laptops out there?

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1 hour ago, Reciever said:

Mostly only my t440p and a couple of other Dell systems like the m6800 and e5540. 


Recently nothing though, might put it into the t440p to verify function. 

Assuming that you mistyped the e5540 and that you meant e6540 (e5540 uses BGA processors,) all of those laptops utilize the QM87 chipset. I believe I have told you that idea before, but the model of MSI GT72 that uses the 4980hq utilizes an HM87 chipset, which would contradict my idea.


This is really just a shot in the dark, but it seems something about the QM87 chipset can just recognize the Crystal Well chips (maybe because QM87 is more advanced than HM87 and automatically has some kind of implementation?) while said implementations are not included on HM87 and need to be implemented to get Crystal Well working. The problem is that we haven't figured out what Crystal Well needs in order to work.

I would tell you to save and look through the BIOSes of the laptops that don't post with the 4980hq, but I know your P157SM has a Prema BIOS, and it may not be a good idea or even possible to save it and look through it. 

I remember you mentioned that you had assistance with injecting Crystal Well microcode into the AW17s BIOS, and that didn't work, but I would personally would like to revisit that. 

I might download the BIOSes of the QM87 laptops you have confirmed work, and compare them to the AW17s BIOS using that software I used for the microcode mod, but I'm still a noob at this stuff and probably won't get anywhere.

I'm just thinking aloud here, sorry if my thoughts are all over the place, I struggle to put my mind onto paper. I'm just really interested in this as I want to find a solution and see everything work.

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It could also just be a current setting that doesn't jive with the cpu. For example I believe the medium is Optimus only to the panel but if there is a peg setting and it's enabled, perhaps it's changing the behavior of the post. 


Since previously mDP is not functional, headless variants won't fool the system into posting. I'll probably need to swap the 4810mq back in and review the sbios settings. 

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