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HP WX4150 in Zbook 15 G2 Experience


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I own a Zbook 15 G2 in conjunction with 2 Dell Precisions, and the initial upgrade I made to the Zbook was installing an HP branded AMD Radeon Pro WX4150.


I ran into problems, though. Mainly because fan control was non-existent and would keep it at max unless you run NotebookFanControl. Now the Zbook has an M2000M it's running fine. A while later I put it into the M4800, and before flashing the Dell version, I dumped the original VBIOS. I didn't have a utility to view but PolarisBiosEditor allowed me to and in the fan section I saw this:




Fan control doesn't look right does it? Might be the reason why the fan wasn't behaving as it should but I've never tried adjusting what's there to work properly with the EC in the HP back then. Maybe someday I'll put the WX4150 back in and try flashing with modifications to the fan control yet I might not be successful getting anywhere.

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On 12/6/2022 at 12:11 PM, Easa said:

Unless you have a specific desire for the Radeon, just throw M2200 in there with modded vBIOS. Hassle-free, works like a charm. 

Yes, but the problem I was facing at the time was being unable if at all source an M2200, since the price for a card was too high. It didn't occur to me about the Polaris BIOS Editor, until recently being the point of this post/topic.

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