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Longer term review of the Mech 15 G3R


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Greetings fellow Tongfang owners and enthusiasts.  Typically, when an owner of a niche laptop has problems, they find a variety of forums to express their dissatisfaction while looking for solutions.  In fact, the previous NBR forum was a good example of a place where laptop owners from across all manufacturers would come and discuss the issues that they faced and, more importantly, what they did to solve them. 


What I find of equal importance is that owners who don't have problems need to provide feedback too.  It allows other potential buyers the opportunity to hear from other owners what experiences they've had.  I believe that those who have relatively trouble-free adventures usually remain silent because they, well, they don't have much to say. 


I'm happy to report that I've had a pretty easy time with my Mech 15 G3R.  There was a small hiccup right after I installed a 32GB Kingston RAM kit that did make me question my sanity for a short while.  However, after getting that kit RMA'd, this laptop has operated as error free as something running Windows can manage.  It doesn't lack for performance (and given the internals, I wouldn't expect that to be the case) and gets decent battery life (6-7 hours off the main).   I understand Tongfang is revamping the lineup for the new 4000 series GPUs and Intel's Raptor Lake furnace CPUs. From the pictures I've seen, it appears they've gone all in on cooling the GPU over the CPU, which strikes me a bit odd; with the 12900H, that thing needs all the help it can get.  The 3080ti runs relatively cool under most loads, with or without water cooling.  If the thought is that the GPU needs it more than the CPU with the more recent iteration, that could be a challenge even with the LPP. 


So, to summarize, this is a great laptop that's managed by a very good team of professionals.  Support from what must be a small office has been prompt and effective each time I've called them. 


As yet another stranger on the internet, take this with whatever grains of salt you feel is warranted, I highly recommend Eluktronics and the Mech laptop lineup.

Eluktronics Mech 15 G3R - 12900H/RTX 3080ti/32 GB DDR5@4800Mhz, Fury Impact/2x 2TB PNY NVMe SSDs

Alienware M17 R1 - 9750H/RTX 2070MQ/32 GB DDR4@2600Mhz, GSkill/2x 1TB Off Brand NVMe SSDs

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On 3/6/2023 at 11:19 PM, Reciever said:

Thanks for sharing, I've been on and off eyeing these systems and Lenovo for a while now. 


Same. They go for about the same where I'm located. Legion is a bit cheaper but the watercooling on this has me curious to try.


Have you got the WC system @Gumwars? How's the experience been with that? Did you ever think the unit was too noisy without it?

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