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I think it is brilliant that the Dell forums have moved here to this far cleaner Invision system. I am sure there will be some things we miss from the old NBR forums, I look forward to reading posts here. That said, I do hope that at some stage the forum wizards will:

1) Add a favicon, so is easier to spot in my bookmarks

2) Enable us to log in with our user name and not our email address.

continue if you have any requests....

Dell Precision 7730: i9-8950HK, FHD screen, 64GB RAM, Quadro Nvidia P4200, 2x 1TB Samsung 970 EVOs, 1x 1TB M.2 Sata. Dell Inspiron 5370: 8th Gen i7-8550U, 13.3-inch 1920 x 1080 AG IPS, 32GB HyperX Impact DDR4 2400MHz RAM, 500GB Samsung 970 EVO NVMe PCIe, Intel UHD 620 + AMD Radeon 530 with 2GB GDDR5. Dell Precision M6600 (has sadly retired): i7-2720QM, 4x4GB 1600MHz HyperX RAM, 1920x1080 AG, 1x512GB Samsung 850 PRO, 2x2TB Seagate FireCudas, Nvidia Quadro 4000M.

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Thank you so much for creating this new place!

Yes, favicon would be nice.

I miss the "mark read" button when in the thread list. I like to keep the Mobile Precision section clean to spot new posts easily. So now I have to open threads I do not follow closely to mark them read and then return to the thread list again.

Dell Precision 7740 * i7 9750h * 48GB * 512GB, 2TB, 4TB * RTX 3000 * 1920x1080

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If you guys want to post more improvements, maybe head over to the Site Suggestions subforum to post there? Incidentally, I agree with the favicon thing. @Reciever and the gang are pretty busy with the archival process, so I think we should give it some time and meanwhile, try to build up some discussion and content elsewhere on the forum. 

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Personal shout out to the forum in general. I like this one the most of the branch forums for the moment. Good job, admins and community. Thanks!

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Clevo P670HP6-G @OBSIDIAN-PC (2017), 17,3"//GTX1060//i7-7700HQ//512GB M2.SSD, external 32" UHD Display (defying BGA haters since day 1)😋

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On 2/1/2022 at 1:17 AM, slimpower said:

I think it is brilliant that the Dell forums have moved here to this far cleaner Invision system.

Gonna say that XenForo is a lot better than Invision, but ok.

Precision M4800 - i7 4810MQ, 32GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro M2200

Thinkpad T430 - i7 3630QM, 16GB RAM, Intel HD 4000, 1080p display mod

Main PC - AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, 64GB RAM, RTX 2080 Ti

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