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8GBx25 (200GB) DDR4 SODIMMS, any ideas what to do with it?


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Good Evening! 


Was curious if anyone had any interesting ideas of what to do with 8GBx25 worth of DDR4 SODIMMS. About half is 2133Mhz and the other half is 2400Mhz, a few 2666Mhz


Are there any server boards that can use it? workstations? nifty adapters? I already have maxed out my laptops, thin clients and micro's 


I have four T7810's and I think 1 T5810 


2 of the T7810's have been outfitted with 128GB of RAM each and I have enough to make the third unit 64GB (8GBx8) 


@Rage Set Might you have any ideas? I know they make adapters to slot them into DIMM slots, no idea if they work with workstations though.

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duuude LOL, how? why? 😄 

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4 hours ago, jaybee83 said:

duuude LOL, how? why? 😄 

I used to hold a bunch of spare parts for a couple of our clients that let's just say was buddy buddy with the ceo. We kicked them to the curb and they told me to get rid of it.


I put some in 6x hp t630's for potential homelab cluster. Then I forgot that I had them until this last weekend when I started repurposing my mining hardware into homelab virtual sandboxes.


Going to use the sandboxes for homelab but I've also been interested in gpu pass through as well. 

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my apartment a few years ago was broken into, lost 25x 8gb ram modules. if I ever catch that person..lol joking. now thats alot of ram I have 64gb and I dont scratch 10gb usage, I think 64gb is even enough for a server. I wonder about virtual machines I might dabble in that


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