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Good Evening Ladies and Gents! 


This has become a growing interest for me personally as well as professionally and was curious to what and how others make their own approaches to the topic. 


For me, since mining has been mostly curtailed these days I have finally repurposed all the equipment that I had, along with some equipment not used for mining and a few additional purchases. As such my starting point is probably different from most which means the learning curve is a bit up there...


Open Bench - Would like to setup a multi-head Gaming VM

10850K @ 5.0Ghz

16GB DDR4 @ 4000Mhz

2x 5700XT's 
X520-DA2 10Gbps DAC SFP+

6x HP T630's - HA? Container/Docker? 

Optiplex Micro 7050 - Remote End Point
i7 7700
32GB DDR4 
Connected via switch + WiFi + Console

2x Precision 7810's

2x Xeon E5 2650 12c/24t

128GB DDR4 

4x1Gbps NIC

X520-DA2 10Gbps DAC SFP+

Cisco 48p 1Gbps PoE, 4 SFP 


Its way more than I need right now, but I have been wanting to get a better understanding of how SCCM/MECM works which is its own huge undertaking, then my friend at work told me about vcenter/vsphere and that it looked like what I should be dabbling with (at the time was dabbling with proxmox). As such took a step back and rebuilt everything with VMware.


Then later he gave me a Cisco switch, then I realized I still had the t630's and the 10850K system was sitting dormant after I wrapped up the comparison thread. Things are a little out of hand. 


Im curious what you guys may have up your sleeves? 


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