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Alienware 17 R1 fan issue

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I jumped on a bargain and got a 17 R1 from the FB marketplace in a decent condition.


It has a I7 - 4710 and a fully functional 880m GTX. and the 60Hz screen. Also an almost dead 500GB slow HDD drive that took almost 3min to boot to windows. Lastly battery was missing, 3 keys from the keyboard are also missing and the WiFi adapter (Broadcom E200) was working at 12Mbps atr best.


So I went down the upgrade lane. I put an Samsung SSD I had lying around and a Western Digital Black for storage. Internal mSATA is also vacant. I put an Ultimate N6300 for WiFi and tried to benchmarked it.


Temparatures were too high so everything had to come off. Thermal paste was bone dry and had to be scraped from both heatsinks. Thermal pads were decent. I run diagnostics prior booting and everything were fine.


I went ahead and replace thermal paste for the CPU and replaced the GPU with my PNY RTX 3000. Installation is better from my M18X R2 because the two mosfets left from the core, are now covered from the 3 heatpipe of the 17 R1. 


Idle without fans were around 50 -55 for both CPU and GPU hotspot.


I run a firestrike just to have a general idea of mesurement and I got an error. I disabled the GPU scaling from the Windows settings and fired it up again. Throttling of the GPU was present and core voltage didn't exceed 0,72 Volts. Core speed reached 1800MHz and memory 1700MHz and utilization was at 99%.


GPUz reported Pwr and Thermal as throttling reasons (Purple and Green indicators). Temps never ecxeded 75 degrees. But I noticed the GPU fan wasn't working.  CPU fan was on full blast when needed. I installed HWinfo and manually set the fans at full blast. GPU fan wasn't revolving at all. Neither at manual setting nor when putting custom values. I dissasembled it and the fun worked when powering on the laptop and when shutting it down.


I am pointing out, that when GPU was working perfectly, board power was at 81Watts, Utilization was 99% and clocks were at their limit. Anyone have any idea why each fan has different control? HWinfo Compal EC reports only one fan and speed was set with EC controller turn on and off, but with no luck. GPU fan refused to work.


Any Ideas? 

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Hi, can you post a picture of the throttling in GPU-Z? I believe you are experiancing the same issue i had (see the topic about the RTX3000 issues on Haswell Alienware).

I do believe there is some sort of conflict between the PNY RTX 3000 vBios and the system Bios of the 17R1.

As for your fan not working, did it work before you swap GPU's?

Laptops :

Alienware 17 R1 | i7-4940mx @4.0GHz | Nvidia Quadro P4000 | 32Gb G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3 1866MHz

Dell Precision 7550 | i7-10850h | Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 Max-Q | 64Gb DDR4 3200MHz


Desktop :

Asus Rog Strix B550-F Gaming Wifi | Ryzen 7 5800x | Sapphire Nitro+ RX 6700XT | 32Gb G.Skill Trident Z DDR4 3200MHz

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Here is a log when I run Time Spy to get a basepoint ,where the performce is. 4000 by the way.


I have stydied your posts regarding the RTX in the 17 R1. Though it throttles when it reaches 80watt AND 1,06V core voltage and 1800MHz cores speed. Behavior is like back in the days when 980m SLI was throttling on M18x R2 and got solved with the throttle free procedure. 


I tried to flash the HP Quadro RTX 3000 bios to the PNY but with no luck. It detects is as an older version, but it fails to start programming, even though I set the Bios protection to off with the correspondig command.


I only tested the fan in the diagnostics, and since it has a fully working 880m GTX, I was left to believe that it works. I also didn't see it in the HWinfo tabs, not only before I intall a EC compal driver from this forum. Now I see it spins at 2000rpm at max.


Also it spins at boot and at shutdown. That I can verify with my eyes. I belive that the sytem that detects that fan is spinning at 2000rpm, is preventing the GPU to run constantly at 80watts. Maybe an PNY Bios interlock, that HP variant doesn't have? A bios editor and a Bios programmer could give us an answer. I have both vBios at my disposal for anyone to compare.


Lastly, the HP variant can be flashed with the nvflash64 app freely. I even bricked it once, flashing both bioses found at the techpowerup page. Both Nvidia and Dell vBios, brick the HP one.


Lastly I used the 330watt (And 660watt dual PSU) from my M18x R2, so power delivery is not an isuue here.


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Well after having a "blast" trying to flash the unlocked A14+ Bios and trying to find some settings worth my time, I did find that fan no0 (CPU) was at 100% (propably) and fan no1 (GPU) was at 75%. 55 degrees was the kickstart temp for both. 


Setting fan no1 to 100, finally made it revolve at 3400 rpm all the time, and probably I got a better result in firestrike. Also NO throttling AT ALL. 


Core speed, Memory speed and Wattage were stable at all times. Though core speed stayed at 1400MHz.


Temps were a bit high since Hot spot reached almost 87 degrees, but that can be improved, because due to many experiments I might need to redo thermal pads and thermal paste.


It looks promishing though and posibly a cultprint.


PNY Bios seems to be more involving in protecting the GPU itself.


Firestrike Results





rtx3000 firestrike.jpg

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After "going overboard" and placing a Clevo Backplate, covering almost the Power Supply area, the mosfets side to the Core and applying again fresh thermal paste, I don't think I can get the GPU less cooller. HWinfo doesn't have any control over the GPU fan at all, so tests were made with system fan curves.


Here is Firestrike with (propably) better temparatures.





firestrike no throttle.jpg

firestrike no throttle.gif

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