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Witcher 3 Next Gen Delayed(hold the surprised gasps!)

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Big surprise I know but TW3 "next gen" is delayed indefinitely. It's just a refresh and integrating new tech, how hard is that for a megastudio? It looks amazing as is to me but I realize it could look better, have things like RT and DLSS etc I think it's mainly for consoles but afaik will include a pc release. Mods have probably done a lot for the 2015 release, especially if you look close at times it has some fugly textures but doesn't take much away imo. I only have a couple of small QOL mods for the game. I'm not sure about the pricing but I would imagine they would want full price for it which seems not quite right.



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  • Hertzian56 changed the title to Witcher 3 Next Gen Delayed(hold the surprised gasps!)

It was a free update. It's delayed due to saber interactive working on the update originally but the team working on it is based in Russia and obviously with the war on ukraine and sanctions they can no longer work on it so CDPR will need to pick it up.


I believe Halk Hogon who worked on the HD texture mod pack was also involved. His texture upgrades are great and i'm sure the update will look good when it eventually arrives.


I can wait for the update, it will give me another excuse for another run through at some point.

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RT would really improve Witcher 3. It wasn't like they didn't do a great job to start with though. RT would just take it to another level, while also affording them the benefit of not having to hack light sources and diffusion reflection, illumination etc. Hopefully they can get the project started back up again soon.

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Q4 is not too bad, just in time for nextgen cpus and gpus 😛 should be interesting! 

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jesus I havent even really played the original W3..but this might be the way to play it hopefully its a major overhaul not just a texture pack, as we already have that

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