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Good Evening ladies and gents


There are a few topics to cover since the last announcement. 


The first topic to cover is the discussion of distributed computing, for some this is SETI@Home or Folding@Home which are both great projects to take part in. However, to most this is known as cryptocurrency more specifically crypto mining. For the latter, any and all discussion is ok by both myself and @Hiew. I, myself also engage in crypto mining and enjoy reading those topics for my own benefit of course as well as not to burn out my investments prematurely.


Where I, Hiew and the Support Staff will be drawing a hard line on however, is the active shilling of dubious crypto currency in order to generate hype. We all know how all coins reach differing levels of hype be it Ethereum, Dogecoin, Shiba etc etc. The active shilling of such items will be met most harshly. It is very difficult for me and Hiew to see this as anything more than taking advantage of our community, I am sure Staff have their own individual opinions on the matter. Not accounting for that, its extra work and thus far I have seen amazing response times and effort from our Staff, I couldn't have asked for more from the individuals that have taken the chance on us given the enormous task of being the spiritual successor to Forum.NotebookReview.com colloquially known as NBR. 


So as to not allow our members to fall into landmines, we will update the rule set and make an site announcement for this change. 


That being said, discussing cryptocurrency is permitted and I do encourage its discussion if members wish to engage in that topic. If you "promote" a coin you believe in, be transparent. If you own a stake in it, or had read its White paper and believe in its intended focus then please do share that information. Be fair, be transparent and mature. Be mindful that this our community. Those who seek to profit off the ignorance of others will not be tolerated. Those that seek to discuss, learn and increase the knowledge base will be praised, even if only by myself.




Second, as most of you may be aware we had moved things around a bit to cut unneeded costs on the back end. For the most part this process was pretty seamless. For some though it seemed to have cleared out your preferences as far as Notifications within the forum. If you are seeing odd behavior please do check that your intended configuration is still being applied. 


1. Push notifications - As far as I can tell, the perms on your browser were tied to efgxt.net. If you haven't re-enabled them, its best to delete the old permissions in your browser and/or re-enable them for for the new domain name NotebookTalk.net. 


2. Check your individual profiles if you are seeing undesired behavior. 


While this seems to only have happened to a select few, its often the case that people don't report issues if they are minor in nature. Please do reach out if you are having issues. I cant guarantee a swift turn around but we will do what we can with the resources available to us.





Third, due to the recent outage that we had, it has reminded me to create and share with you all differing means to reach out and/or for us to do the same.
@NoteBookTalk is a twitter handle that we control, we haven't done much with it at this time as we aren't really social media buffs.

@NoteBookTalk is also a Telegram address that me and @Hiew both manage. We are still learning the in's and out's on group management outside of our circle of friends so please be patient with us, however I do implore for whom ever is willing to try and add themselves to the group so we know if we need to alter some things (which presumably we will).




We also have a teamspeak3 server, this is mostly just for friends to hangout but we have been debating how to alter the perms and such for forum uses. Presumably the forum will be the main means of communicating, we don't intend for this to replace the forum.


ts.factionelite.com / No Pass


The way things are set up right now is all users that join the teamspeak have limited permissions, in short order we may create a couple more channels more so as a utility to let us know if something is awry and need attention. Of course if you wish to use the Teamspeak, anyone is welcome to do so!



Fourth, We will be instituting mandatory tags for new threads going forward. This will aid the forum in how it comes up when people use search engines. We intend to create a point system for anything above the mandatory requirement. Since you would be actively assisting in the forums growth in an additional route, there should be some level of recognition for the effort. The more effort (tags) put forth, the more recognition (points) will be granted.


Like anything else though, those who actively take advantage to inflate their profiles will be admonished and met with appropriate levels of discouragement. 





Fifth, We hereby grant this forum permission to extract from within the NBRchive to re-post into the forum. Naturally this will become more limited in scope as we dont have a means to transfer it 1:1. However this can be mitigated by copying the original post and with its post, a link to the archive. Also, if you are not the original poster of said threads you will be required to give credit where credit is due. Please do make the attempt to @mention them if they have a place here, if not citing them individually will have to suffice.


Please be patient with @Aaron44126 as he is the one personally hosting the archive but that doesnt make him a subject matter expert of all of what was NBR. He was amongst the few that created the archive which can be found Here. Aaron may be able to grant some level of direction in certain cases, it will be expected that you put in the effort.


We have another announcement coming up soon regarding this forums identity, look forward to that soon! As always please feel free to discuss this announcement in the coming thread.


Thanks everyone 🙂



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