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4K/60 fps gaming at $20 per month: Nvidia GeForce Now apps on Windows and macOS can now stream games at 4K resolution at a silky 60 fps

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Saw this and thought it might be interesting. It's an NBC blurb here's the link:



I'm assuming there's some catch there making it not such a good deal but idk. I guess one catch is people not paying attention to the GaaS and forget about being billed every month, end up costing way more than if you just bought a system capable of that and kept it for a few years. That's the trend for everything, I think the schwab guy at WEF openly says this, and of course the ptb want that so there's definitely a thin end of the wedge going on all over. I mean I'm sure there are tiers because I can't imagine someone with a 4k screen and the equipment to stream that wouldn't just get a mid tear gpu even older one like a 2070 and turn down a few things for 4k/60 in a lot of games(==Scratch that it says 3080 tier only==). No mention of ray tracing support from the blurb either.

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yep, unfortunately thats the way everything is heading towards: everything as a service with recurring monthly payments and no actual real ownership of the product... not sure im a fan of that 🙄

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I haven't tried streaming gaming yet but I have hard time believing that I'd be happy with it...  Unlike streaming video where the endpoint client can buffer up several seconds or minutes of video, gaming has to be real time, so there is no room for buffering.  Turnaround time from input -> transmit to data center -> run the game -> encode video output (compression artifacts!) -> send back to endpoint/client -> decode and display has to be what, 50 ms or less before you'd start noticing the lag?  And no interruptions in the data flow at all.  You'd have to have a really solid Internet connection.

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All good points, yeah it definitely requires some very fast stable internet, probably metro areas only really.  Yeah I wouldn't be interested either but for gamers that have the necessary equipment already and don't want the commitment of a high level gpu cost and could jump out of the need for it within a year or so it seems a pretty decent deal.


I guess another thing is that you don't need to have a 4k screen and can just play it at what you have, for 20$ month it would take a while to pay more than what a 3080 would cost you, even a used gpu would still take months to equalize the cost. $240/year, not sure what that would get you in used or new gpus now, I would think you could get at least a 1070 which for 1080p would be fine for high, no rt of course. But no blazing internet needed either and can play any game unlike the limited selection. Maybe get it until prices drop or you find a used or deal that would negate the need for this services who knows.


As to the everything as a service model well it matters if you want to trust the ptb dictating to you in pretty much every aspect of life because that's where it will go, from history, especially modern history, this is a terrible idea. They are pretty open about their plans if you look for it and people don't seem to believe them or they're too distracted by consuming or unable to think as to where this is leading,  but enough said there.



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