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Intel Arc A380 MXM 6GB


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Oh well hello there..... Intel making an MXM module for their A380 too? Interesting addition to the mix.



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16 hours ago, MS-16L13 said:



16 hours ago, Reciever said:

Very interesting, didnt expect to see an mxm module for Intel quite yet


oh wow, same here! totally out of left field this one, crazy stuff!

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Perhaps targeting things like HP workstations? I love the interesting designs like this, I wonder how it would have been in my old 7738G?

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On 11/10/2022 at 11:26 PM, MS-16L13 said:



I wonder if Moorethreads will ever make their GPU/VPU in m.2/ mini PCI-e form so that we can have a hardware decoder like BCM970015 for AV-1 videos on older laptops

I have also seen JingJia Micro MXM cards but those are rather uninteresting given the specs and video processing capabilities


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ADLINK MXM-AXe: MXM 3.1 Type A module based on Intel® Arc™ GPU

Datasheet MXM-AXe (adlinktech.com)


New Intel Arc A370M/A350M cards from Adlink 🤔

I guess since they're partnered with Intel there is a possibility we could see Intel Battlemage in MXM format in the distant future



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Wonder if they have eDP support 

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